Monday, March 5, 2018

My Favorite Sample Room Haul: I got a Uniqlo Wireless Beauty Bra for Free!

During one fateful lunch break, I checked my social media accounts and chanced upon Sample Room's post sharing that they were giving away Uniqlo Wireless Beauty Bras for free. I initially thought that the points required were for VIP members only since it's such a premium sample, but I clicked the link anyway to see what's up, and I got the shock of my life when I saw that they were just giving it away for only 104 points. Everyone who signs up at automatically gets 100 points to start their sampling journey.

This one's my best Sample Room haul so far! Since I have been with Sample Room for a while, I was able to get the Uniqlo bra together with other items I actually liked. 🛍
Uniqlo Beauty Light Wireless Bra (worth P990!)

It was hard to pick one style from Uniqlo's 4 types of wireless bras as the samples were quickly decreasing by the minute (no kidding!), so I chose the Beauty Light Wireless Bra (which has the classic bra style). I'm so happy that I was able to grab one before the stocks ran out in just a few minutes! Sample Room gave away the bras in GC form which totally made sense because we still had to try it out in store for us to get the perfect fit.

Spoiler: I love Uniqlo in general since their items are well made and perfect for my tita style. HAHA! This "try before you buy" led to a series of purchases. 💝

While waiting for my GC to arrive, I already went to the nearest Uniqlo store to fit all the wireless bra styles to see what the buzz is all about. (Hala siya! Haha) All styles cost P990 each at regular price, which is just right considering its quality.

  • Beauty Light - The one I picked! I like the shape of this one the most. It's classic and flattering, and you can't go wrong with it. I have small boobs, and I always thought I needed underwire + padding to survive.
  • Beauty Light Multi-Way - I also want this one!!! I judged the cups since they looked really wide and I thought magkakahangin kasi sobra yung space (LOL), but it's also a perfect fit. How could this be possible?! Haha. I now have a go-to strapless bra in case my sticky bra from Miniso gives up. I liked that it has an anti-slip lining, so it stays put. I tried size XS and S for this one - guys, hindi na pala ako ganun ka-payat. It's still an S for me! 😂
  • Beauty Soft - They weren't kidding when they said soft. This one has no hooks so it's really comfy. I don't love the shape/look though so it's a pass for me.
  • Relax - Isa pa to, I like this one too. It's the comfiest, softest bra I've tried. It's a good everyday bra since the padding is removable and isn't as thick. (However, removing the thin padding won't make sense since your nipples will stick out. 😮) It feels light and cool because of the Airism fabric. It's perfect for those who wear bras at home (I don't), or when your boobs feel tender if you're just about to get your period. This one's comforting to have.

Beauty Light Size Chart
(since they have it in S, M, L, and XL)
Beauty Light (Nude)
(Look at all the colors! I like them all except neon yellow. Haha)

Finally I was able to pick my sample - a black Uniqlo Beauty Light Wireless Bra. I chose the color black since it's bound to still look nice even when it's not so new anymore.

Tip: I always hand wash my bras with care, never with a washing machine even if we have mesh bags at home. I don't like the pads to get crushed together with heavy laundry.

The Beauty Light Wireless Bra still has the shape of a wired bra, but it's made with supportive urethane resin. (I love you, Japanese technology!) The cups are soft to touch and they incorporated micro fibers for a smooth feel. The back is seamless - no back bulge here! I've bought expensive wired bras before and they left the center part of my chest red at the end of the day since the metal part digs on my sternum. (Ouch!) That will never happen with the Beauty Light Wireless Bra.
Beauty Light is seamless and it has a nice, smooth shape under clothing.

It's important for women to wear a comfy bra like Uniqlo Beauty Light Wireless Bra because we all deserve the confidence that good underwear brings. Many would say that it's okay to go for cheap undies, but most of them don't fit right. Even if no one can see, it's a secret confidence booster when you have it on. Your clothes look better on you, too. This makes you feel limitless since you can focus your mind and energy on other worthwhile things - your work, your passions - and not be conscious about your bra. Falling straps, painful underwire, ill-fitting cups, emphasized back fat will be a thing of the past if you invest in the right underwear.

Before I went home with my new Uniqlo Wireless Beauty Bra, I spotted this cute pink onesie that I've always wanted to get for my baby niece (Daphne's little sister COMING SOON!!! Daphne's 7 now and she puts makeup on me already. Haha). It's out of stock in SM North and Ayala Mall Cloverleaf and it's only on display on the hangers/mannequins. So happy to have spotted this in their Fisher Mall branch - on sale pa! 😍 I also got her a tiny pink dress with white tutu skirt (huhu so cute!) but at regular price. I had to get it since it was the last stock of the size I wanted.

And since I loved the Beauty Light Wireless Bra, I decided to clean up by undies act by tossing out my barely used, ill-fitting old bras to make way for these babies. Yes, I went back and shopped for more. I'm boring so I chose black (again) and nude, but they have other nice colors such as pink, navy blue, taupe, etc. I don't like white though since it will look dirty when its old. Now I have 3 Uniqlo Beauty Light Wireless Bras! That's the power of sampling! 🛒

When Uniqlo goes on sale, I'm getting the Beauty Light Multi-Way, too! 😜 That one can wait since I still have a working strapless bra. But for every day use, go for Beauty Light!

Now back to the rest of my Sample Room haul! Can you believe I got the bra, plus the Dentiste Toothpaste, and a Belo Baby cologne really for free? 👍 I only paid P110 shipping fee for everything. I've been telling my friends to join Sample Room! You should join, too!

I've always wanted to try Dentiste Toothpaste but I find it pricey. We always have a stash of toothpaste at home, so I always end up not buying it. LOL! The first night I used this, I woke up to like 50% less funky breath. This stuff is real. Plus, since it's herbal, I feel that it's more gentle on my gums. I sometimes have bleeding gums, but when I used Dentiste, it never happened again. That's something to consider for long-term use.

I love Belo Baby Cologne! I chose Cool Drizzle this time, and it took me back to my childhood with just one whiff. It reminds me of Angel's Breath cologne which I used as a kid. I didn't transfer mine to an atomizer anymore, but I love using this one to clean my hands (yup, it doubles as a hand sanitizer) and freshen up after commuting on a hot day.

I was in denial at first but Cool Drizzle smells better than Sweet Snuggle, which comes in a pink bottle (love!). I still love them both, though! (I got Sweet Snuggle from my last girly Sample Room haul).

Grab free samples at SAMPLEROOM.PH, just pay for shipping! 💝 

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Shiseido White Lucent gave me my best skin ever!

I've always been prudent when it comes to my purchases, and am not one to blow big bucks on cosmetics because there are a lot of drugstore products that work. I'm used to having okay skin and have accepted breakouts as part of a woman's monthly cycle. Then I discovered something early this year after trying out deluxe samples of Shiseido's White Lucent range. In order to have great skin, you have to invest.

My best friend gifted me with this Shiseido White Lucent range a few months back, and it was just recently that I edited my entire skincare range and made way for these babies. I don't know what's wrong with me by delaying its use. I could have been intimidated or scared to like these too much that I'd eventually have to repurchase, but here we are! 😍

The star ingredient in Shiseido White Lucent products are Japanese cherry blossoms - they help the skin become resistant to dark spot appearance. This range works in 2 ways by treating dark spots and helping the skin resist hyperpigmentation. It's alcohol-free and can be used immediately after facial treatments (like laser) to help skin recover faster. It's potent but that gentle, too.

Shiseido White Lucent Luminizing Infuser works as an alcohol-free toner with intensive brightening ingredients. High up on the ingredients list is Tranexamic Acid which I first encountered when I used Belo Intensive Whitening Bar. It's a peptide proven to inhibit inflammation and melanin formation. In short, this helps the skin resist dark spots such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne breakouts.

The Luminizing Infuser feels gentle on the skin, and never did it sting even on parts where I picked my skin. (I'm bad, I know!) It does effectively remove leftover dirt and preps my skin for the next step.
Shiseido White Lucent Luminizing Infuser Ingredients

I feel that Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener has the same purpose as the Luminizing Infuser. Both can be used as toner. But for extra hydration, I use the Luminizing Infuser first with a cotton pad, then apply the Brightening Balancing Softerner with my hands via patting motion. It relaxes my skin. Initially it feels sticky but when it's absorbed my skin feels soft and balanced.

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Protective Emulsion (day) and Luminizing Surge (night) are both emulsions which have a lighter texture vs. creams, making it perfect for my oily skin.

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Protective Emulsion has SPF 15 - quite low so I have to use a separate sunscreen if I'm spending the day outdoors. What I love about this though is the light texture and how my skin just drinks it up. It gives me a really healthy glow, and since I started using this range, I haven't had the need for liquid foundation. I can just use pressed powder and still look makinis. The Luminizing Surge is a light-textured moisturizer that gives me a glow every time I wake up even when I'm sleep-deprived. It has a soft gel-cream formula that creates an invisible veil to protect the skin and and give it a lasting glow. You can also use the Lumunizing Surge during the day, but remember to follow with SPF afterwards.

I wake up to softer, healthier skin now and I'm deeply in love with the Shiseido White Lucent range.

I say that the Shiseido White Lucent range gave me my best skin ever because I haven't had breakouts since I started using it, even during that time of the month. It's a miracle, really! It has also effectively faded out the red spots from my previous breakouts. Here, I'm not wearing makeup except for lip balm. No edits as well. Just great skin by Shiseido.

I'm this close 👌 to repurchasing the Luminizing Infuser (P3,950) and Luminizing Surge (P4,400) the moment my tiny bottles run out. My wallet is already crying but I figured that with great skincare, I won't have to shell out too much for makeup anymore. 💖

Facebook: Shiseido Philippines


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Monday, February 12, 2018

Carefree x Laybare Intimate Beauty Studio

Yesterday was a productive day as I was able to sneak in a few hours to visit the Carefree x Laybare Intimate Beauty Studio at Glorietta - my first kikay event of the year! (Guys, I'm alive! Haha) 😂

It was really nice of Carefree and Laybare to come up with this one-day event where empowered women can reveal their intimate beauty secrets. Pinays are known to be conservative, and some don't even want to talk about waxing or how they take care of themselves down there. It doesn't have to be that way. As for me, I think I had it a bit easier since I grew up with 5 sisters  and we talk about girl things all the time! 😉

There were 3 stations inside the Intimate Beauty Studio. In "Get Ahead', there was a flatlay table where we could showcase our creativity. 💮

I got a bit nervous at  the "Get Real" section since there was going to be an interview. It turned out to be a "Fast Talk" interview about intimate grooming preferences - no right or wrong answers. Whew! 😌

"Get Intimate" is where we could share our very own intimate beauty secret.

Make pantyliners your BFF para super fresh all day!
(Important to change throughout the day!) 😊

Ladies usually wear panty liners towards the end of their monthly period since it absorbs less liquid than pads, but that's not its only use. It's handy for light discharge and everyday cleanliness. Just make sure to change it at least by midday/lunch time to keep you fresh throughout the day.

I've kept this a secret for so long, but when Carefree's Intimate Beauty Ambassador Gretchen Ho revealed that wearing panty liners can be tipid sa labada, I couldn't agree more and I realized that it was normal. LOL. Ever since we stopped hiring household help, I've been doing my own laundry for years and it's such a chore. Panty liners make my life easier because my panties are always clean and easy to wash. Plus, they make my panties look new for a long time. 👙

Also, I heard about panty liners causing UTI. Totally not true! I've been wearing one everyday and have had no health problems. It just boils down to proper feminine hygiene: change your liner (or pad) often, keep your vaginal area dry, and wipe from front to back after you pee. Also, drink enough water and do not hold your pee. You'll be fine! 

I also learned a pro tip from Christine David of Laybare: You can use Laybare's Soothing Cream on your face as a moisturizer. No kidding! Since it's safe for the most sensitive skin (down there, post wax), it's definitely safe for your face, too.

Since Valentine's Day is literally just around the corner, why not drop by Lay Bare for a Brazilian wax? 😉 From my experience, they offer the most affordable Brazilian wax, and make use of natural ingredients for their cold wax (a mix of calamansi, honey, and sugar) so it's safe even for sensitive skin.

Don't miss the chance to elevate your intimate beauty rituals this February 2018 by visiting participating Lay Bare Waxing Salon branches to avail of FREE Carefree panty liners!


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